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Tent 40



                                                                                                      Tent 40



                  组 4            组 3            组 2

                                   Tent 40

    Easily make a canopy shelter for an outdoor campaign, commercial event or 

                            promotion, durable and weather resistant, available in variety shade sizes from 2m 

                            wide to 6m wide, popup, reliable and portable, that is tent 40 fit for any need.

    This versatile canopy tent folded in a carrying case so you can take it camping, 

                            use for outdoor trips and commercial events and stay comfortable.



                               Perfect use for outdoor campaigns,picnics,parties in gardon, beach camping 

                        trips, days in the park, farmer's markets ,backyard events,sporting events,conserts,

                        commercial brand promotion and anywhere you will feel comfortable with it.

      组 3    组 1

      组 2    组 4

                Set up

                    组 1                    组 2

               1. Move the frame out of the carry bag and                 2. Expand the frame open to 4 corners 

               stand the frame on its feet. Clear the around                direction.

               area for expanding the frame.

                    组 3                    组 4

                3. With the frame at approximately half                     4. Lift the 4 side head flaps of the canopy 

                open, spread and align the canopy over                    and attach Velcro on the middle points to 

                the top of the frame and Velcro attach to                  the scissor frame. Once these are done, 

                the 4 corners.                                                              replace the canopy head flaps.

                    组 5                    组 6

                5. Expand the frame and lock in the 4 upper              6. Expand the bottom legs to one side of 

                sliding hubs at each corner. You can unlock               the tent until the sliding hubs snap lock into 

                the sliding hub by pressing and holding the               the first hole. Then lift the opposite side to 

                red button to disengage the internal prong.               level out. You can unlock the sliding hub by 

                                                                                                      pressing and holding the red button to 

                                                                                                     disengage the internal prong.


                    组 7                    组 8

                7. With the frame leveled at the first hole of               8. The frame has one canopy tensioner at

                each leg, continue to move the sliding hubs              the center of the underside. Carefully press

                up to the 3rd hole. You can unlock the sliding           the centrol pole to create tension on the 

                hub by pressing and holding the red button              canopy. This will raise the canopy and 

                to disengage the internal prong.                                 eliminate wrinkles.


        Easy set up:  1 person set up design is minute and easy job, no tools required.

        Strong and Stable:  40mm diameter Hexagon legs, silver aluminum construction weights 

        0.8ibs per meter, 30% stronger and stabler structure.

        Durable material:  Rust resistant Aluminum material while light weight.Extra thick 600D 

        (30% thicker) polyester fabric canopy.

        Easy set up:  1 person set up design is minute and easy job, no tools required.

        Height:  Adjustable 3heights by push button on legs.

        Shelter size:  Verity shelter size from 2m/7' wide to 6m/20' wide.

        Canopy qualify:  600D polyester canopy provides 100% UV protection from the sun’s 

        harmful UV rays, water resistant and flame retardant (CPAI-84 certified).

        Wall panel attachable:  Horizontal Velcro on 4 sides,easy to attach standard or custom printed 

        side walls.

        Portable:  20kgs/44ibs weight,Fold up design and compact into carry bay or wheeled carry 

        bag, portable and easy to take along.

        Direct Factory Supply:  Tent 40 is engadged in providing you the best qualitfied canopy tent 40. 

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